Wheh. That’s a long title.

You guys remember this post? The whole “These ideas are not a necessity, but things that are great for bringing an outfit together.” whatever post? If you don’t, PLEASE don’t go and read it. I’m trying to spare you the pain of bad grammar and equally bad advice. I wrote that, maybe, two years ago? Back then, I started a blog because I couldn’t start a youtube channel, so everything was more lifestyle based than writing. What I’m trying to say is my old posts SUCK. So, I’m redoing one. This one. Style Basics. *sigh* 

BUT (sorry about all the capitalization) I’m changing it. Instead this will be more “Basic items for your closet”/”Things I wear constantly”, staple garments for everyday wear (ish). 

Let’s go!

-Jean Jacket: If you don’t have a jean jacket, go get one, right now. I doesn’t matter where it’s from, ’cause it’s so simple. You can literally put it on ANYTHING. Wrap it around your waist? Sure. Around the shoulder? Do it. Like a regular jacket? Go you!

-Plaid: At (almost) any stage in my life, I have had some kind of plaid. In the last year, my plaid has changed from colorful, to black and white, and I still wear it twice a week.

-Some Kind of Striped: If I had a dollar for every striped thing I owned, I would have, exactly, eleven dollars. And that’s just glancing over to my closet. I’m even wearing a striped shirt now. It’s awesome.

-Overalls: This is almost as staple and simple as the jean jacket. It’s even the same material. and all the extra pockets rock as well.

-Black Leggings: I’m not even going to try and count my black leggings. It’s impossible. Yoga pants, leggings, they just go with everything.

-Sweaters: Comfy, cozy, Cate-aproved.

Yeah, that’s it. I was going to put pictures, but didn’t have time. sorry. Also, I won’t be doing the Super Girl season 5 premiere till tomorrow. Also sorry.

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I’m the most wanted bachelorette, whether that’s because of my looks, wealth, or criminal record.”

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