Happy extra update Wednesday! I decided to make this update because, well, THE FLASH

I, personally, love the D.C. / C.W T.V. shows. they’re awesome. So, I’m making this… thingy. On with the show!

Episode One: Into The Void

Episode Notes:
Okay, so they’re having some kind of power issue, and something about Nora…
So, Godspeed is here, but he’s fake, and he’s like the fourth. I am confused.

BBQ time!
No Ralph? 
MAC? Okie…
Ahwww, Nora…
I’ve seen this guy in the trailer and he’s bad news. Already don’t trust him. 
Why is Iris digging through dumpsters? THE JACKET.
and already, a weird porthole/blackhole.
RALPH’S BACK! And he’s James Bond-ing ooh-kay.
More Killer Frost.
Looking through records and stuff.
Coffee date. Yay. 
Ooh, the plot thickens… and this dude has issues with his Mom.
-This break is brought to you by Cate taking a La Croix break-
More black holes. 
“How do we destroy a black hole?” With speed, Ralph. That’s why we’re here Ralph. It’s the Flash, Ralph.
Small convo about KF
Illegal weapons trading. That ain’t good.
    Awww… Nora sadness. : (

Ooh! Chester’s controlling the blackholes. Interesting.
Brain stuff.
“Snow-tress of Solitude” I love this show.
Finally, Killer Frost shows up!
Barry & Iris conversation.
Oof. That ain’t good.
Nice new costumes!
Noooo don’t kill Barry on the first episode!
Nevermind, he’s alive.
Okay… so there’s something wrong with Chester’s eyes. Nice.
Caitlyn & Frost.
Something’s wrong with Ramsey. Everyone has issues this season.
*Bleh* It’s that stupid world-time-thingy-Monitor dude. And look, the Flash is going to die. That sucks. 

Thank you for reading! 

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6 thoughts on “THE FLASH SEASON 6 PREMIERE!!!

  1. I LOVE the Flash, it’s my favorite show!!! Season 6 was pretty solid especially after season 5 which I thought wasn’t the best season. How about you, favorite Flash season?


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