Things I Wear, A Lot

(I PROMISE I will get back to my regular posting schedule. Eventually)

HI there Razzberries!

I was looking for post ideas, and thought “Y’know what we haven’t done in a while? A fashion-themed post!” So here I am, with a “Clothes that I’m Obsessed With” post.

Now, where I live, it’s getting colder, which means more wintery choices, like sweaters and boots. Then again, I’m the person to wear sandals in the snow, and sweaters in the Summer, so I don’t think it changes much. : )

Without further ado, off we go!


LOTS of pink sweaters.

No kidding. Looking at my closet now, I can see three. I’m also wearing one right now. 

Sweaters, in general, are one of my favorite things to wear. They’re soft, warm, and come in a variety. 

My collection is mostly made of pink ones, but I also have an off white sweatshirt, a gray crewneck, and a gray turtleneck.

Black Pants

For some reason, almost all of my leggings, skirts, and overalls are black. I’m not exactly sure why- maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me something, or maybe I just don’t like wearing colored pants- whatever it is, I have all my black leggings, including my yoga pants, my black skirts, black jeans and overalls, and one (1) pair of pink jean-leggings, and I love them to death.


As y’all may know, I’ve been “experimenting” with jewelry and accessories, such as necklaces, barrettes, and, of course, my enamel pins. I find it fun, mixing and matching different things to create a look. I’ve also been expanding, to new kinds- a year ago, if you asked me to wear something, anything gold, I would have flat out said “No, sorry.” Now… well, I don’t say “No,” but I also don’t avoid it as much. Character development?

Winter Accessories

AS I’ve said, It’s getting cold where I am, so I kinda have to wear a coat, boots, and/or a hat when I go outside. Sure, I don’t usually go outside, but give me a break.

One thing I LOVE is my new beanie from Old Navy. It’s pink, which is the reason I got it, and it’s warm, which is cool too. 

I’ve also been wearing my snow boots inside, for the extra inches of height. I’m about 5’3/4-ish, so I’m what, 5’5 with the boots? It’s an amazing feeling, and makes me really confident, for some reason. It also makes people laugh : )

(Please don’t judge meh)


Well, that’s it for today! My next post (should be) is Monday, so I’ll see you then, with some sort of holiday-themed post. 

Don’t forget to comment, so we can chat? What have you been doing in quarantine? Did you watch “The Prom”? (I cried.) What are you doing for the holidays?

Happy Holidays, I love ya, and Stay Safe. Now, I’m going to get an Iced Tea. ❤

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