An Update On My La Croix Collection

(Quick post today-I have some big things planned for the next few weeks.)


I’ll get right into it- 

There’s 3 (three, tres, trois) new flavors of La Croix.

(The Website)

The new flavors are Beach Plum, Guava São Paulo, and Black Razzberry.

I think I’m most excited for the Black Razzberry (the can looks like a purple version of the Cran-Razz can!). I have no clue what Beach Plum might taste like.

This sets me back 3 flavors, so I am now missing 5 total.

If you somehow don’t know, (which would be surprising) I like La Croix. A lot. (Duh. It’s plastered all over the site.)

There’s 20 of the main flavors, so if I’m missing 5, that means I’ve had 15.


*Happy jazz hands*


This is wonderful.


I’m out of things to say.

I’m going to get ready for school now.

Peace out!

Stay cool, and stay safe.

(Also, if you try out any of the flavors, tell me what you think of them!)

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