My Life, Lately.


Quite sorry I didn’t post last week. But I do have an excuse- full-time school!

I’ll get to all that in a minute. But first, get yourself something to eat or drink (hydrate!!), cause this is a conversational post, on what’s been going on in my life! [I have tea now. I am ready.]

Off we go!


Things that have been going on in my life:

1- School!

Yep, I have now, officially, gone back to school. Full time, all 6.5 hours, and it is exhausting. I’m waking up at least 2 hours earlier than I used to, going to school from 8:50 to 3:30, coming home, and doing homework for another hour. I’m so, so, tired.

But, it has been good to see some people. I think my favorite class is orchestra, possibly because it’s the last class of the day.

2- Softball!!

Y’all! I started softball today!

Well, technically, we had a meeting today, and practices start on Thursday, but SOFTBALL!!

It’ll be my 5th year playing, for both the school team and the community team, and I’m stoked!! I even got to do some practice w/ my friends and my parents!

In all, it’s really great.

3- Writing!

Welp, I really don’t have anything to say on this one. The title probably should be “lack of writing”, but alas. 

I’ve been having a couple issues actually going and putting words on the page, but it’s getting better, I swear. 

4- … glasses?

Uh yeah. So, I went to the doctors, for a checkup, and we got some issues. Sleeping stuff, anxiety, and strangely enough, I have weird eyesight. It’s weird, because before now, I never had these problems. I must be getting old.

We haven’t seen anyone for my eyesight just yet, so glasses aren’t definitive, but I can’t read the board in some classes, which is an issue. 


Yeah, that’s really all I have for this week. Don’t worry, I have plenty planned out, for a bit. (I planned out 5 months worth of posts)

So,,,,,,,, how are you? How’s school? Have any hobbies? Read any good books, watched any good shows, listened to any good music? Comment, and I promise to try and respond!

For now, stay cool, and stay safe.

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5 thoughts on “My Life, Lately.

  1. Full time school can be exhausting, but it is the BEST! Atleast you don’t have to stare at a screen for hours and you can also meet your friends!😃 Wow, you have orchestra classes 🤩 I don’t have them. School is okay for me. We are getting loads of schoolwork and teachers increase our stress by saying, “this is your most important year in school so, wOrk hArD!” I listened to Alec Benjamin’s If we have each other and Alan Walker’s Faded last week (I did not listen to a lot of songs because I was busy). I liked reading this post😄

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