Things I Wanna Do After Quarantine (Featuring The T&C Peeps) [Might Delete Later]

(Sorry this post is a disaster. I’m tired, and it takes too much energy to focus and be serious. So, you get slightly delirious Catey.)

Hiya hiya.

Yes, it’s a bit late for me. Like, after 6 P.M. Am I still posting? Yes, because i haven’t been able to all week, cause life.

Soooooooooooooo… I’m getting vaccinated~ next wednesday. *happy dance* yaya. (just my first shot)

So, in order to celebrate, I wanted to make a list of things my and my friends want to do, after quarantine. Cause, that could quite possibly be in the next 2-6 months or so. Don’t quote me on that.

Let’s goooooo~


Watch movies w/ friends

A good portion of my friends (hi frends!!!!) haven’t seen some *classic* movies, so i’m going to force them to. Movies include:

 -Mamma Mia

 -High School Musical

 -The Greatest Showman

 -Steven Universe The Movie


 -IN THE HEIGHTS (coming out soon, very excited)


Sleepovers are good.

Play minecraft

Blocky game.


I have a frendo who really wants to go swimming, so we must go with.


I have roped my friends into my rock obsession.

Roller skating

I dunno, just, wheels.


Singy singy.

Bubblegum tape

APPARENTLY my friend Graham hasn’t had it. This is a capital offense.

Have la croixs together

We likey the sparkle water.

Go shopping

We’re planning on buying clothes. I want a blazer.


FISHY DOESN”T KNOW HOW TO USE AN OVEN here are some things we might make-




(UPDATE: maybe take a cooking class?)

[Up UPDATE- nanaimo bars]


So there’s a new plant store nearby, and I am stoked.


We be touch starved.

See a musical

We’re all very into musicals.



-throw a party w/ coolaid (SOrry, it’s spelt with a k)

I dunno, but it sounds fun.


More music!!

-paint nails/just makeovers in general

I’m forcing all of them into this.

Write together

Cause why not?

Practice other languages

Dishwasher, please help me. I can’t figure out french tenses.


There’s probs more, but I’m tired. Graham says hi. I say goodnight.

Stay cool, stay safe. Go to bed now.

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7 thoughts on “Things I Wanna Do After Quarantine (Featuring The T&C Peeps) [Might Delete Later]

  1. What do y’all wanna do after quarantine? Also, sorry about the awkward posting schedule. : D I’ll be trying to post on Friday/Saturday, since I have softball every day except for weekends and Fridays. Baii~

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