Birthday Wishlist/Gift Guide!

(1 year on WordPress as of yesterday! That’s so cool!)


It’s been a while!

Guess what! It’s June, my dudes. Which means…


Today, June 12th, is 16 days from my birthday, June 28th.

So, time to break out the birthday posts!

First of the thrilling saga is the classic, Wishlist. This is more meant for people I know IRL, but it’s also a great gift guide!

So, let’s go!



~Collared Shirts

I like collared shirts.

~Nice pjs 

These are just fun. 


Mainly since I’ve apparently grown out of all my shorts.

~Just clothes in general



To add to the collection!




~Bucket hat

Does this stem from a 3 year obsession with these? Yes, it does.

~Royal essence candle

Google it! They’re really cool.

~Nail polish

I think green would be a cute color of nail polish, what about y’all?

~Eyelash curler

This is simultaneously an actual request and an inside joke.



Rocks are cool. *Thumbs up*



Giftcards are always cool.

~room decor


And that’s it!

How was your day? What do you want for your birthday? Chat with me in the comments!

Don’t forget to drink water!!

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I’m the most wanted bachelorette, whether that’s because of my looks, wealth, or criminal record.”

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