About, Contact, and Buttons


“Hi, I’m Catey, writer of blog posts of medium quality.”

Yo! My name’s Catey.

I enjoy musicals, softball, writing, reading, fashion (I think?), and food. La Croix’ especially.

I suck at explaining myself, so don’t keep reading this. Go read on of my posts!


(Also, don’t steal my stuff. Any of it. That’s not cool.)


Hi!!! This is where I’ll be taking personal comments, post ideas (yes please), blackmail (most likely), questions and advice!


I’m (very) new to this concept, so, lemme explain; the button is like a logo that you swap with other blogs that you like, for readers to see and explore others blogs ( I guess?? Please help)

Here’s mine:

And here’s the space for others:

Lrose5, @ My Cozy Corner
Lrose5, @ Lrose5’s Poetry
Sara @ Sunflower Seeds
Evin, @ A Curly Sue’s Ramblings
Evin, @ A Wanderful Life
Random Specific Thoughts
Paper Hearts
Raven Lost, @ Raven’s Blog and Journal (Sorry it’s so blurry!)
Aditi Gupta, @ What Are You Up To During The Lockdown?s
Eleanor J. @ Wishing Upon a Star
Maggie @ Chickadee Lover Maggie
Roshni @ Roshni’s Random Thoughts
Addie & Neria @ Life in Pajamas
Addie @ Shining Star
grab button for catastrophic teenage life
Gunneka @ Catastrophic Teenage Life

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