My Skincare Routine

Howdy Howdy! Recently, I’ve been thinking about self-care- for me, that’s washing my face, painting my nails, watering my plants, and playing a bit of Animal Crossing. I think, especially during a pandemic, we need to be more aware of public health, as well as our own mental state and being. Wow, that first paragraphContinue reading “My Skincare Routine”

Frenchy Stuff, W/Catey

Salut, mes framboises. If you haven’t already figured it out, that’s french. : ) For those who don’t know, this is probably my third (fourth??) time attempting to learn and practice french. The first couple of attempts were mostly unsuccessful, my second to last try was pretty okay, but it hasn’t been until now thatContinue reading “Frenchy Stuff, W/Catey”

Weird Things I’ve Said/Done Pt. 7!

[Part 7? already? Wowza. Also, sorry this is such a mess : )] Hi, hello, howdy. (You all have NO IDEA how long I’ve been delaying this post.) Welcome back to “Weird Things I’ve Said/Done!” I share the embarrassing things I’ve said, and you all laugh at my pain. : ).  Off we go! ・⚘・⚘・⚘・Continue reading “Weird Things I’ve Said/Done Pt. 7!”

Let’s Talk About Animal Crossing, Shall We?

Hi there! Today, we’re talking about Animal Crossing! I absolutely adore Animal Crossing. I play the mobile version, Pocket Camp *tear* but I still really enjoy it! For those of you who don’t know what Animal Crossing is, it’s a little game where you interact with animals, make friends, gather materials, and make a prettyContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Animal Crossing, Shall We?”

A Day In My Life!

Heyo! It’s Catey. So, last week (or was it two weeks ago?) I went back to school, in person. Still wearing masks, of course, and only half days, but off zoom.  So, I decided to show y’all what I do in a day. Off we go! ・⚘・⚘・⚘・ Waking Up I usually wake up about 6:45,Continue reading “A Day In My Life!”

Me, Ranting About Cartoons, For 3 Pages

Heyo! It’s Catey. As some of you know, I absolutely adore cartoons and animated movies. They’re cute, great for all ages, and have some wonderful messages in them. And because of quarantine, I’ve had buckets of time. My favorite, personally, is to edit my novel and watch cartoons. Yes, simultaneously. Multitasking.  So, I decided toContinue reading “Me, Ranting About Cartoons, For 3 Pages”

Mini Haul : )

Yo yo yo! Tis me, your queen, Catey. When was the last time I did a haul on the blog? June? 2018? Who knows. Basically, I wanted to fuel my obsessions for weird accessories and soft clothes, so y’all are coming with me. All items are linked, if you’re interested. No, I don’t make aContinue reading “Mini Haul : )”


Heyo! Look at that! Two updates, in a month! *applause* Wowo. Anyways, guess what I have for y’all- that’s right, part 6 of “Weird Things I’ve Said/Done”! I started this series way back in July 2020 (don’t fact check that) and now we’re here! So, off we go! ・⚘・⚘・⚘・ “Really rocking the rabbit aesthetic.” “THEContinue reading “WEIRD THINGS I’VE SAID/DONE PT. 6”

The Greatest Songs, Of All Time

Heyo! It’s Catey. So, I know I’ve been gone. A while. 19 days, and counting. Sorry ‘bout that. To make up for it, I’m making a “tops songs” post! I went through my playlist (736 songs!), chose my favorites, and linked them. This took a while. Off we go! ・⚘・⚘・⚘・ Ultraluminary I saw this movie,Continue reading “The Greatest Songs, Of All Time”