✨ Happy Birthday to Me! ✨

Hi y’all! If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you might know that… Today is my birthday!! (Yes, this is the special post I was talking about last week) I don’t really have any plans for this post, just to kinda celebrate and chill. If you would like, drop a comment. I’ll respond, hopefullyContinue reading “✨ Happy Birthday to Me! ✨”

Birthday Wishlist/Gift Guide!

(1 year on WordPress as of yesterday! That’s so cool!) Hiya! It’s been a while! Guess what! It’s June, my dudes. Which means… MY BIRTHDAY!! Today, June 12th, is 16 days from my birthday, June 28th. So, time to break out the birthday posts! First of the thrilling saga is the classic, Wishlist. This isContinue reading “Birthday Wishlist/Gift Guide!”