Fashion Collab W/ Kaelyn!

(Featured image by Kaelyn!) Hi there Razzberries!!!! I’m super excited (how many times have I said that this week? A lot) because I’m doing a collab with Kaelyn, from Kaelyn’s Life, and Stuffed Stories! She’s such a great blogger, friendo, and person! You can check out her blog here! We decided to do fashion tips!Continue reading “Fashion Collab W/ Kaelyn!”

Collab Q&A W/ Random Specific Thoughts!

What’s up my Catlandians! Today’s post is a Q&A collab with the lovely Random Specific Thoughts! She is absolutely delightful, and a dream to work with. We asked each other questions, and answered them. My questions and answers are on her blog, and her’s here! Let’s go! 1: When and how did you start blogging?Continue reading “Collab Q&A W/ Random Specific Thoughts!”