An Update On My La Croix Collection

(Quick post today-I have some big things planned for the next few weeks.) Y’all!!!!! I’ll get right into it-  There’s 3 (three, tres, trois) new flavors of La Croix. (The Website) The new flavors are Beach Plum, Guava São Paulo, and Black Razzberry. I think I’m most excited for the Black Razzberry (the can looksContinue reading “An Update On My La Croix Collection”

Rating La Croix Flavors!

Hi there Razzberries~ First, this is my fiftieth post! And, I HIT 50 FOLLOWS!!! I’LL HAVE THAT SPECIAL POST UP (EVENTUALLY.) Sooooo, Summer’s almost over. And if you remember reading my Summer Bucket List post, I mentioned that one of my goals was to try more flavors of La Croix, the best sparkling water EVERContinue reading “Rating La Croix Flavors!”