The Greatest Songs, Of All Time

Heyo! It’s Catey. So, I know I’ve been gone. A while. 19 days, and counting. Sorry ‘bout that. To make up for it, I’m making a “tops songs” post! I went through my playlist (736 songs!), chose my favorites, and linked them. This took a while. Off we go! ・⚘・⚘・⚘・ Ultraluminary I saw this movie,Continue reading “The Greatest Songs, Of All Time”


Hi there Razzberries~ Since I’ve been doing a lot of Lifestyle/Fashion/writing stuff on here, I forgot that “Oh yeah, I have a music niche too!” So, enjoy this short post. ・⚘・⚘・⚘・ Bim Bam Toi There is too much french pop on my spotify. Prom Dress I relate to this song and I don’t know ifContinue reading “15 SONG I LISTEN TO ON REPEAT”


Hi there Razzberries~ First, I wanted to say THANK YOU for all the support on my last post. I was really scared about that one, but y’all were really nice. I love you berries ❤ Second, I wanted to say sorry, since this isn’t really much of a post. I’ve been pretty stressed with school,Continue reading “A RANDOM CONVO I HAD, FEAT. MY IRL FRIENDS”

Ranking All The Musicals I’ve Listened To

This is going to be a long list. #1 Name: Falsettos,Favorite Song: “Days Like This” #2 Name: Amelie, Favorite Song: “Tour De France” (I’m listening to it now) #3 Name: The Prom, Favorite Song: “You Happened” #4 Name: Six, Favorite Song: “Don’t Lose UR Head” #5 Name: Book Of Mormon, Favorite Song: “Making Things UpContinue reading “Ranking All The Musicals I’ve Listened To”

April 18/Global Citizen Concert

I’m finally updating!!!Earlier, I got a Fitbit Inspire. Then, armed with pretzels and pigs’n blankets, my family and I watched the Global Citizen Concert. Note: I am typing this live.As I have probably said (and shown) thousands of times before (three times) I am more of a musical fan than a pop/rock/others fan. Most likely, IContinue reading “April 18/Global Citizen Concert”

3-14 February, 2020 San Francisco!

Yesterday, I flew from Seattle to San Jose. During the flight, I (tried) to work on this post, worked on some other projects, listened to musicals and Taylor Swift, read Turtles All the Way Down, and played Kitten Up. Today, I woke up on the couch of my aunt’s house. For about an hour, I readContinue reading “3-14 February, 2020 San Francisco!”