How to Have a Zoom Sleepover

(More bootiful graphics. I’m on a roll) ALSO, I changed my blog design! You like it? Hello there fellow Quarantine Peeps! Even though I see them on Zoom every day, I still miss my friends. So, here’s a list of things to do to have the best Zoom sleepover/just meeting!I made the reviews like aContinue reading “How to Have a Zoom Sleepover”

Weird Things I Have Said/Done (Quarantine Edition)

First, I want to say that today is ONE MONTH FROM MY BIRTHDAY.Hello There. If you live on Earth (or around it) you probably know what coronavirus is. And, that means you’re probably in Quarantine. I am. And let me tell you, Quarantine is as bad as it sounds. It’s also necessary to stop the virus.Continue reading “Weird Things I Have Said/Done (Quarantine Edition)”

Day In My Quarantined Life

Hello. I have seen so many “My Life In Quarantine” and “A Day In My Life *Quarantine Edition*” videos and such on the internet. So, I’m making one. On with it! 7:30: I am awake. I am TIRED. 8:40: Breakfast Time! For breakfast, I had a  Chocolate waffle and a blueberry-strawberry-banana smoothie. 9:20: Shower andContinue reading “Day In My Quarantined Life”


What did the Thesaurus have for dessert? A synonym bun. So I have had no (zero) ideas today, With at home isolation and social distancing, I have had a lot of extra time, much of that spent baking. Here are my favorite recipes. #1 Cinnamon Rolls: I made these for my mom, and they were good,Continue reading “5 FAVORITE DESSERTS IN QUARANTINE”


What’s up. It’s Cate. As you know, I have been in quarantine for, what, two-ish months? three-ish? However long I’ve been stuck inside for, it’s been long enough that I have learned something: when you’re in isolation, you get bored. quickly. And because I don’t want others to suffer that fate, I’ve compiled a listContinue reading “WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU’RE BORED (QUARANTINE EDITION)”

April 18/Global Citizen Concert

I’m finally updating!!!Earlier, I got a Fitbit Inspire. Then, armed with pretzels and pigs’n blankets, my family and I watched the Global Citizen Concert. Note: I am typing this live.As I have probably said (and shown) thousands of times before (three times) I am more of a musical fan than a pop/rock/others fan. Most likely, IContinue reading “April 18/Global Citizen Concert”

Top Ten Things to do in Isolation

What the title says.10. Do your HomeworkKeep your grades up.9. Be Active8. Play Games7. Make Friendship BraceletsI will not want to see another piece of embroidery floss after this.6. Cook/BakeSUGAR5. Listen to MusicMUSICALS4. ReadBOOKS3. WriteIt took Charles Dickens six weeks to write A Christmas Carol. Just saying. 2. Chat With Friends.1. Go OnlineDuh. -Cate