Pack With Me!

Hi there my Catlandians! (quick poll: What do you like better, Catlandians or dolls? As a nickname) I’m just going to say this fast: I’m going on vacation. For two weeks. Will this interrupt my blogging schedule. Absolutely not. I have all my posts planned out, including photos. So, since I am going on aContinue reading “Pack With Me!”

San Francisco (Seattle)

Last day in San Francisco! Today, we went to the park and had a picnic of Pocket Sushi (Sushi Burritos) then went to the airport, got some Menchie’s, and flew to Seattle. (For some reason, the Pocket sushi photo wouldn’t show up. Sorry.)Thank goodness it’s over. Now I can go back to posting once a week.Continue reading “San Francisco (Seattle)”

February 15-16th San Francisco (technically Pleasington)

(I really can’t update daily)Yesterday, I slept  in, went to Dim Sum (delicious) then  walked to Starbucks and a cute Japanese store.  For some reason, one of the peepholes on the tower of doors had this little pic. It says “Delores Park” and shows three ladies having a picnic.Today, I got ice cream and aContinue reading “February 15-16th San Francisco (technically Pleasington)”

3-14 February, 2020 San Francisco!

Yesterday, I flew from Seattle to San Jose. During the flight, I (tried) to work on this post, worked on some other projects, listened to musicals and Taylor Swift, read Turtles All the Way Down, and played Kitten Up. Today, I woke up on the couch of my aunt’s house. For about an hour, I readContinue reading “3-14 February, 2020 San Francisco!”