Weird Things I’ve Said/Done Pt 8

Yo yo yo!!!~

Wowza, hasn’t this been an eventful week? I don’t know about you, but for me, it sure was. I won’t go much into detail, but waking up at 7 am, going to school, and getting back at 7 pm is tiring. I’m so, very, very exhausted.

In all, it really shows how every once in a while, you need to pause, take a deep breath, and chill out. I’ve had to remind myself to do that, a couple times now. So I thought it would be nice to do an easy, fun post- My Weird Things I’ve Said/Done. This is a series on my blog that’s been going on for months now, and the quotes just keep getting better and better.

WElp, off we go!


~“I wish to reincarnated as a piece of ikea furniture”

It’s a very literal quote.

~“Mamma Mia and love story have the same opening notes

I swear, if you play the beginnings, they SOUND THE SAME

~“That is the most Irish thing you have ever said”

~Uh-oh, spaghetti-o

I have no flipping clue where I got this one, but I say it, at least 20 times a day.

~Cabbage, the saga.

Okay, buckle in, cause this one is a trip. I was in science class, just fidgeting around, and making origami paper stars. I drew a face on one of them, and showed it to my friend. My friend took it, and I went back to making more. 15 minutes later, My other friend has the star, who has apparently now been named “Cabbage”. That was great, until friend 2 returned him to me. I gave him to friend 1, who stepped on him. Rest in peace, Cabbage.


I made another, Cabbage II, who also died, to the same friend who killed Cabbage I. Cabbage 3 also went missing, most likely my fault, and now we have Cabbage IV, who is also rainbow. 

Basically, Duckling, please pay your child support.

~Spelt larceny as Larson

~“It’s not arson if you don’t get caught”

The kids in my math class have started quoting me on this, and I don’t know if that’s a good thing.

~Remembering the Caribbean countries and their capitals but not my science homework 

It gets worse when you realize that I learned geography nearly 3-4 years ago, but forgot an assignment from that day.

~Stealing dolls from my English teacher

I would elaborate, but I also won’t.

~“Also, random poll, who wants which of my body organs and bones?”

The conversations you have with your friends.

~*hugs my croissants*

~”I’m a catgirl, owo”


~Meows to the tune of the ghostbusters theme

~Hordes rocks

~”Oui oui, baguette dans un verre”

I don’t know if that’s right, but oh well.

~”La mort est sur nous”

~Talked about Canadians

Funny, since this was in my social studies class. 

~Duck themed nicknames



Tis the end, my beautiful razzberries! Thank you all for your support, and I really hope I made you laugh with this post.

Take care of yourself, or else. ❤

Weird Things I’ve Said/Done Parts 1-7!








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