Why hello there. Why am I blogging on a Thursday? Why didn’t I post last Friday? Basically…… My computer broke. D : So this is my indefinite hiatus, until I have something to actually write my posts on. (Right now, I’m typing this on my WordPress app) I’ll try to post before the end ofContinue reading “Hiya!”

My Summer Fashion Essentials!

Hi hi! So, how is everyone doing? I’m doing pretty good, except for the 100+ degrees heat that’s scheduled for next week D : I’m not excited for that. And on my birthday, of all days. So, let’s go over what I’ll be wearing, in such temperatures. (Disclaimer: I’m the kind of person to wearContinue reading “My Summer Fashion Essentials!”

How I Edit My Photos!

Howdy! Guess who’s on Summer Break, as of today! Me!  I’m super excited, and really hope that this means I can be a bit more active on the blog. I have big, big plans. Anyways- I really like taking and editing photos. It’s fun, and a good skill to have, if you run a blogContinue reading “How I Edit My Photos!”

Birthday Wishlist/Gift Guide!

(1 year on WordPress as of yesterday! That’s so cool!) Hiya! It’s been a while! Guess what! It’s June, my dudes. Which means… MY BIRTHDAY!! Today, June 12th, is 16 days from my birthday, June 28th. So, time to break out the birthday posts! First of the thrilling saga is the classic, Wishlist. This isContinue reading “Birthday Wishlist/Gift Guide!”

Attempting To Figure Out My Aesthetic, With Help From A Friend.

(This was really freaking chaotic) Hiya! Sooooooooooooooooo *It took me 20 minutes to figure out an intro* I’ve been wanting to do some form of “figuring out my aesthetic”  post for a while now, and I finally got the opportunity to do it.  Did this go the way I planned it to? Absolutely not. DoContinue reading “Attempting To Figure Out My Aesthetic, With Help From A Friend.”

Things I Wanna Do After Quarantine (Featuring The T&C Peeps) [Might Delete Later]

(Sorry this post is a disaster. I’m tired, and it takes too much energy to focus and be serious. So, you get slightly delirious Catey.) Hiya hiya. Yes, it’s a bit late for me. Like, after 6 P.M. Am I still posting? Yes, because i haven’t been able to all week, cause life. Soooooooooooooo… I’mContinue reading “Things I Wanna Do After Quarantine (Featuring The T&C Peeps) [Might Delete Later]”

An Update On My La Croix Collection

(Quick post today-I have some big things planned for the next few weeks.) Y’all!!!!! I’ll get right into it-  There’s 3 (three, tres, trois) new flavors of La Croix. (The Website) The new flavors are Beach Plum, Guava São Paulo, and Black Razzberry. I think I’m most excited for the Black Razzberry (the can looksContinue reading “An Update On My La Croix Collection”